Charles Wright


Griffin Poetry Prize 2007
International Winner

Book: Scar Tissue

Poet: Charles Wright

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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Charles Wright reads The Woodpecker Pecks, but the Hole Does Not Appear

The Woodpecker Pecks, but the Hole Does Not Appear, by Charles Wright

The Woodpecker Pecks, but the Hole Does Not Appear

It’s hard to imagine how unremembered we all become,
How quickly all that we’ve done
Is unremembered and unforgiven,
            how quickly
Bog lilies and yellow clover flashlight our footfalls,
How quickly and finally the landscape subsumes us,
And everything that we are becomes what we are not.

This is not new, the orange finch
And the yellow and dun finch
         picking the dry clay politely,
The grasses asleep in their green slips
Before the noon can roust them,
The sweet oblivion of the everyday
            like a warm waistcoat
Over the cold and endless body of memory.

Cloud-scarce Montana morning.
July, with its blue cheeks puffed out like a putto on an ancient map,
Huffing the wind down from the northwest corner of things,
Tweets on the evergreen stumps,
         swallows treading the air,
The ravens hawking from tree to tree, not you, not you,
Is all that the world allows, and all one could wish for.

From Scar Tissue, by Charles Wright
Copyright © 2006 by Charles Wright

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