Hoa Nguyen

Violet Energy Ingots by Hoa Nguyen

Griffin Poetry Prize 2017
Canadian Shortlist

Book: Violet Energy Ingots

Poet: Hoa Nguyen

Publisher: Wave Books

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Hoa Nguyen reads Eve and Digressive Parenthesis


I could be naked and eating
figs     Instead I’m a rib-woman
howling and chased
by a winged god-baby

My man is embarrassed


                              kicked out
                              of the world-garden
                                   to become farmers

Digressive Parenthesis

Make heart-shaped cakes
for the Queen of Heaven

Things that make you cry:
Geode stone pulse

That plant named wizard’s herb
When the state of Michigan sells

“pristine treaty-protected land”
to make a limestone mine

I dreamt the spider crossed
my eye and I crushed it

into my eye     Why is the first
day the hardest day?     The city

susurrus     Are us     especially
if you get to keep the money

From Violet Energy Ingots by Hoa Nguyen
Copyright © 2016 by Hoa Nguyen