Rachael Boast


Griffin Poetry Prize 2014
International Shortlist

Book: Pilgrim’s Flower

Poet: Rachael Boast

Publisher: Picador

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Rachael Boast reads Desperate Meetings of Hermaphrodites

Desperate Meetings of Hermaphrodites

In the hotel on the other side of the mirror
the chaise longue dictates the poem of the film
can only be a snapshot, seeing as the film

is a book – and as it snaps shut it opens
again on a random page at any moment
of a keyhole or doorframe through which

you look for an unabridged view of whoever
has left their black brogue and white stiletto
in the corridor exchanged for a halo of the five

points of a star becoming the snap of a finger until
you’re falling back through the smashed mirror
into the room – or so it looked – seeing as the mirror

is a poem, which, in any case, is made of water –
finding the dripping statue, from whose mouth
all this had come, is dressing up as you.

From Pilgrim’s Flower by Rachael Boast
Copyright © Rachael Boast 2013

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