John Glenday


Griffin Poetry Prize 2010
International Shortlist

Book: Grain

Poet: John Glenday

Publisher: Picador

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John Glenday reads The Ugly

The Ugly, by John Glenday

The Ugly

I love you as I love the Hatchetfish,
the Allmouth, the Angler,
the Sawbelly and Wolf-eel,
the Stoplight Loosejaw, the Fangtooth;

all our sweet bathypelagic ones,
and especially those too terrible or sly
even for Latin names; who staple
their menfolk to the vagina’s hide

like scorched purses, stiff with seed;
whom God built to trawl
endless cathedrals of darkness,
their bland eyes gaping like sores;

who would choke down hunger itself,
had it pith and gristle enough;
who carry on their foreheads
the trembling light of the world.

From Grain, by John Glenday
Copyright © John Glenday 2009

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