INTER_POEMS 4: Erin Moure and Uljana Wolf

Title: INTER_POEMS 4: Erin Moure and Uljana Wolf

Date: July 21, 2016

inter-poemsLocation: Berlin, Germany
Description: inter_poems 4 leads us into “translantic” fields, as Uljana Wolf would put it: on neither side of the Atlantic, but into the in-between, the third space of translation. Erín Moure’s multilingual poetry merges Canadian English with Portuguese and its historical precursor, the Galician of the trovadores — poems that Uljana Wolf responds to with a German affected by Middle High German Minnesang. Both poets read from their books and talk with Daniel Graf about mother tongues in the plural mode, interferences of writing and translating, and translation as a critical interrogation of concepts of the “foreign” and the “self”.

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