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The Awards and Poets section of the Griffin Poetry Prize Web site showcases all of the poets associated with each year’s celebration of the prize. This includes the poets and translators whose works are shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize, and those poets whose lifetime achievements are recognized by the Griffin trustees.

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  1. You and your publisher will find everything you need to understand how to enter works for the Griffin Poetry Prize in the How to Enter section of this web site.

  2. I have Written “PEACE POEMS” in my website which are innovative and heart touching. I want to submit the same to you for participation in the award ceremony. Will you accept it? or I have to make copies and send it to you in your Entry Form by post? I will be grateful for your suggestions.
    Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

  3. Everything your publisher needs to know to submit your work for the Griffin Poetry Prize is found in our rules, including eligibility criteria. Thanks for your interest.

  4. I feel as though it is unfortunate that I am left with a negative feeling towards the Griffin Poetry Prize after having viewed the associated website of the same name. I was brought to the website looking for answers to a question posed regarding appropriate contemporary Great Lakes poets. I am not sure what I am leaving with. I find the attitude and verbiage on the website to be quite, my opinion only, intentionally haughty. I am not certain why I am having these thoughts entirely, so I do apologize for that. I do know that what I have found here is not in good service to poetry, but rather only those who marvel at being called the poet. My opinion only.

  5. William, thank you for your comments. Our web site supports the Griffin Poetry Prize, so focuses first and foremost on the poets and works associated with the prize: the shortlisted poets and their works, the judges of the prize, the poets honoured by our Lifetime Recognition award, and the trustees. Beyond that, we do our best to present the broader poetry world, with links to publishing resources, festivals, organizations and more. We also extend the conversation about poetry, what constitutes poetry, poetry and poets’ influence and involvement in other realms, via our social media presence (including Facebook and Twitter). We are by no means an exhaustive repository for all things poetry. However, if you have suggestions on how we can reasonably provide other content of interest, we look forward to your feedback.

  6. I have recently published my poems ” MIRACLE MIX – A REPOSITORY OF POEMS” by Zorba books. I would like to know as to why self published poems are not accepted for your prize.
    i feel left out in the cold.
    Thanking you, Dr.Nikhil Kurien

  7. The Griffin Poetry Prize is awarded to poetry collections, not to individual poems.

    The eligibility requirement that a poetry collection must be traditionally published and submitted by a publisher is one that is shared by many major literary prizes around the world. Like many of them, we are constantly scrutinizing the evolution of how literary works are published and adjusting our rules and requirements accordingly.

    Have you explored prizes awarded to self-published pieces and books? Here is one such comprehensive list:

    We also offer suggestions on traditional publishing:

  8. Per #4d of the Rules, Eligibility Criteria: “Books must have been published in English during the calendar year preceding the year of the award.”

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