Alexander Boldizar and Gwen Benaway at Tree Reading Series

Title: Alexander Boldizar and Gwen Benaway at Tree Reading Series

Date: February 14, 2017

tree-reading-seriesLocation: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Description: Running since May 9, 1980, the Tree Reading Series (Tree) is one of Canada’s longest-running literary events and an essential part of Ottawa’s vibrant literary community. Tree is a non-profit organization that supports established and emerging writers from Ottawa and across Canada by offering a supportive public venue for writers to present their own work and to benefit from exposure to the work of other writers. In providing this service, Tree hopes to inspire and sustain the development of the literary community in Ottawa and to promote Ottawa as an important community for Canadian literary arts.

The evening features a workshop – Lift it off the Page with Mary Lee Bragg – followed by readings by Alexander Boldizar and Gwen Benaway, and also includes an open mic.

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