Kevin Connolly



Kevin Connolly

2009 Canadian Shortlist



The sky, lit up like a question or
an applause meter, is beautiful
like everything else today: the leaves
in the gutters, salt stains on shoes,
the girl at the IGA who looks just like
Julie Delpy, but you don’t tell her -
she’s too young to get the reference and
coming from you it’ll just seem creepy.
So much beauty today you can’t find
room for it, closets already filled
with beautiful trees and smells and
glances and clever turns of phrase.
Behind the sky there’s a storm
On the way, which, with your luck,
will be a beautiful storm – dark
clouds beautiful as they arguably are,
the rain beautiful as it always is -
even lightning can be beautiful in a
scary kind of way (there’s a word
for that, but let’s forget it for the moment).
And maybe the sun will hang in long
enough to light up a few raindrops -
like jewels or glass or those bright beads
girls put between the letters on the
bracelets that spell out their beautiful names -
Skye or Miranda or Verandah – which isn’t
even a name, although it is a word
we use to call things what they are,
and would be a pleasant place to sit
and watch the beautiful sky, beautiful
storm, the people with their beautiful
names walking toward the lake
in lovely clothing saying unpleasant
things over the phone about the people
they work with, all of it just adding to the
mother lode, the surfeit of beauty,
which on this day is just a fancy way
of saying lots, too much, skidloads, plenty.

From Revolver, by Kevin Connolly
Copyright © 2008 Kevin Connolly

  • #1 written by Deborah DeVincentis
    about 2 years ago

    Great poem. Needs to work on his presentation of it though.

  • #2 written by Vicki Ziegler
    about 2 years ago

    Really? His modest, self-effacing presentation is part of what I so love about this particular poetry reading.

  • #3 written by Deborah DeVincentis
    about 2 years ago

    Everybody likes something different. I like his work and I just felt that he was loosing my attention because of his tone and lack of expression. Still great work though and in the end thats what really matters!!

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