I Interview Elaine Equi on the Four Elements
by Elaine Equi

copyright © 2007 Elaine Equi

Q: What is your favorite element?
A: Definitely air. It’s the medium of thought.
Ethereal. Invisible. And even better than air,
I love heights. I’m the opposite of someone with
acrophobia. Space travel sounds appealing.
Q: Which element do you like least?
A: Water. It makes me nervous. You can’t walk on it.
Both my parents are Pisces so perhaps that explains …
I’m a terrible swimmer.
Q: Being a Leo, do you feel at home with fire?
A: I like light, but not heat. I don’t even like hot
sauce. I could never see myself as a pyromaniac.
Q: Which brings us to earth, what associations do you have with it?
A: The earth has always supported me in all my
endeavors. I trust it.